An underage drinking house party can begin with a simple invitation from your teen to a friend. Through social media that invitation can travel all across town and a quiet night can turn into a house party nightmare.

When parents think about underage drinking at house parties, they might flash to images of a trashed home or kids acting wild. Those are valid fears, but there are even worse consequences. Students drive to parties, or ride with friends. And then, after the party and the drinking, they get back in their cars to drive home.

Sexual assault, suicide, jail time, police record, tickets, car crashes and even funerals are all potential endings to the one party gone wrong.

Check out the following links for information on how to determine fact from fiction relating to House Parties, and learn how to prevent your kids from taking their lives into their own hands because of that house party. Take a stand.


For more information, contact PRAIRIE VIEW PREVENTION SERVICES at 1-800-343-9272

PARENTS MATTER  :  South Dakota Department of Public Safety


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