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…what’s the big deal?

“First of all, not everyone is doing it. However, honestly, even if everyone were, I still wouldn’t want you to do it. Would you like me to list the reasons why?

  1. “It’s illegal, and the legal consequences are quite serious.”
  2. “It’s dangerous and here are the physical consequences: getting into dangerous sexual situations, getting into a vehicle under the influence, falling, otherwise injuring yourself or others, physical limitations from being hung over or foggy, problems with healthy brain development.”
  3. “It’s dangerous and here are the psychological consequences: You could be using alcohol to avoid your anxiety or a depression, which masks but doesn’t solve the problem. You certainly lose sight of your long-term goals, your priorities get scrambled, your brain chemicals shift because of the alcohol. Alcohol use is known to work on the brain chemicals as a depressant. Not to mention it makes people act stupid.”
  4. “We have family members/I have a friend from high school who lost their entire life and everything that was important to them: family, spouses, kids, jobs, self-respect, you name it to substance abuse. You might not have a problem that serious, but there is no way of knowing whether you will or not. It is so much easier not to put it to the test.”
  5. “I like life better without being foggy. It is so much more interesting, more vibrant, more moving without alcohol or drugs. I want you to have that experience.”