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Maybe you’re going out of town for a weekend. Maybe it’s just for one evening. Regardless of what age or how responsible your kids are, they should not be left alone. There are simply too many things that can go wrong.

Take the true story about a teen who invited a few friends to a party. Those friends invited a few more. Then word about the party was posted on Facebook. Before she knew what was happening, the teen host had a houseful of people she didn’t know and alcohol was abundant. It wasn’t long before the police arrived. The parents came home to a house that had been trashed and a daughter who now had a police record.

So does that mean you can never leave home until your teen goes to college? No, there are other ways to make sure she has the supervision she needs.

  • Arrange for her to stay with a friend – someone you know who shares your basic ideas about rules and curfews.
  • See if a trusted relative, friend or neighbor could stay in your home.
  • Set ground rules with your teen before leaving.

If you are going to be out of town, talk to your neighbors and tell your kids that you have asked other adults to keep an eye on your home. Take a stand. Make the right decision. Say NO to house parties.