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Set Rules

Having rules for hosting and attending house parties doesn’t mean you’re a strict parent, or that you’re opposed to your kids having fun. It simply means you love your kids and want to prevent tragedy before it strikes. You are a parent.

Talk to your kids. Be up front. Tell them that house parties with drinking are simply not okay. Tell them not to drink, and not to ride with someone who does drink.

Before they go out the door, ask the hard questions and get the answers:

  • WHO will you be with?
  • WHERE are you going?
  • WHAT will you be doing?
  • WHEN will you be home?

Every time they are heading out, ask. It will become routine and they’ll soon start offering the information on their own.

When it comes to your teen attending a party:

  • MAKE THE CALL – Call the teen host’s parent. Verify the occasion and times for the party. Make sure that an adult will be home at all times and that there will be no alcohol or other drugs permitted.
  • KNOW THE LOCATION – Get the address and phone number of the party. Check it out beforehand.
  • ARRANGE TRANSPORTATION BEFOREHAND – Assure your teen that you or a specified neighbor or friend can be called if a ride home is needed. Discuss situations that might cause the need for that phone call. If you are not going to be home while your teen attends a party, tell him know where you will be and how he can reach you.
  • AGREE ON A CURFEW – Be sure you and your teen agree on what time to be home. Know the curfew laws for your community and abide by them. In many cases, adults who knowingly allow a minor to violate a curfew are held responsible. Be awake when your teen gets home. It’s not only a sure way of checking the time, but it also gives your teen a chance to talk about the party.

Keep these simple words in mind: Be a parent. Take a stand. Make the right decision.