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Kayla Gaff

Early Saturday morning, May 6, 2006, 17-year-old Kayla Gaff and two other teens were thrown from their Jeep when the driver lost control on a gravel road south of Colman as the vehicle rolled into a nearby field.

The 18-year-old driver’s blood alcohol content was .083—just above the legal limit. Kayla was a passenger and was killed instantly.

Her parents took their very personal tragedy public, pleading with others to take heed of the dangers of drinking and driving.

“Kayla was very outgoing,” said her mom, Jodi White. “She had a wonderful personality, she didn’t care who you were, she tried to make you laugh, tried to make you smile.

“Always know where your kids are. Communicate, and make them think about what they are doing.”

SD Teens rank #2 in binge drinking in the U.S.