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Michael Glynn

On May 15, 2006, Michael Glynn, a Belvidere teenager, crashed his vehicle while driving home from a high school graduation party where he had been drinking alcohol. Two days later, he died as a result of his injuries. Michael was 18 years old.

The following year, to memorialize Michael’s death and remind others not to drink and drive, the South Dakota Highway Patrol held a sobriety checkpoint in Michael’s name in Mellette County.

His mother, Joyce Glynn, spoke out in support of the checkpoint. “I appreciate the Department of Public Safety holding this checkpoint in memory of Michael,” Glynn said. “I hope everyone who is stopped will be sober and alcohol-free, but if they’re not, I’m glad they are going to be stopped and not allowed to continue driving in that condition.”

“I wish Michael would have been stopped last year when he was driving while intoxicated, even if it meant a fine and going to court. At least he would be alive.”

SD Teens rank #2 in binge drinking in the U.S.