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Problems and Costs Associated With Underage Drinking in SD

Underage drinking costs the citizens of South Dakota $0.2 billion in 2013. These costs include medical care, work loss, and pain and suffering associated with the multiple problems resulting from the use of alcohol by youth. This translates to a cost of $2,894 per year for each youth in the state or $5.98 per drink consumed underage. Excluding pain and suffering from these costs, the direct costs of underage drinking incurred through medical care and loss of work cost South Dakota $98.71 million each year or $2.52 per drink. In contrast, a drink in South Dakota retails for $0.86.

Costs of Underage Drinking South Dakota, 2013 (in Millions)

  • Work Lost Costs ($40.3M)
  • Medical Costs ($58.4M)
  • Pain & Suffering Costs ($135.7M)
Total: 300000000

Other Problems/Costs

Youth Violence: $111,000,000
Youth Traffic Crashes: $45,700,000
High-Risk Sex, Ages 14-20: $10,100,000
Youth Property Crime: $400,000
Youth Injury: $8,800,000
Poisoning and Psychoses: $1,700,000
FAS Among Mothers Ages 15-20: $4,200,000
Youth Alcohol Treatment: $45,100,000

Total: 234400000

Source: PIRE (Pacific Institute for Research ad Evaluation, 2010)